Abandoned Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World trashed in heartbreaking footage

-Credit: (Image: urbexer76 TikTok)

Heartbreaking footage shows how the abandoned Butterfly and Insect World has been trashed by vandals.

The once-popular family attraction announced the residents were being re-homed and sadly closed its doors for good back in 2021 in the wake of the pandemic - leaving buildings frozen in time.

However stark footage on TikTok shows what has become of the attraction.

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Urban explorers visited the abandoned offices and revealed they had been 'trashed and vandalised' since the closure.

Posted by urbexer76 with the caption, 'they destroyed it', shows offices wrecked with only a sign welcoming people to Butterfly World and butterfly prints on the wall as a reminder of the once-loved attraction.

Mountains of paper have been strewn across the floor with shelves knocked to the ground and graffiti daubed on the walls. A dummy appears to have been tied to the ceiling and drawn on while boxes had been ripped open on the floor. Computer monitors can also be seen face down on the floor.

Hundreds of fans of the beloved butterfly attraction raced to the comments.

One said: "No my childhood! Why has it been trashed? I loved Butterfly World!"

"I used to go here all the time when I was little," a second said.

One heartbroken fan added: "I dunno why but I’ve just started crying, this was a must-stop whenever we went caravan holidaying when I was a kid."

"That's so sad. I used to love that place when I was little," another commented.

Butterfly and Insect World was a popular spot for families in Edinburgh and beyond. Many will have fond memories of the longest-running tropical butterfly house, however, they were left gutted when it was announced that the attraction would close its doors for good back in July 2021.

The butterflies and insects were re-homed.