AberNecessities founder honoured as she receives esteemed Points of Light award

Danielle's charity has supported over 18,000 children across north-east Scotland
-Credit: (Image: Points of Light)

The founder of an Aberdeen-based charity has been honoured with the esteemed Points of Light award.

Danielle Flecher-Horn, from the Granite City, has helped provide hundreds of thousands of essential items to those in need across north-east Scotland through her charity AberNecessities since 2019.

They include nappies, formula milk, clothing and beds, with over 18,000 children benefitting from the charity.

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The award, presented by the UK Prime Minister's office, recognises Danielle's extraordinary work in supporting disadvantaged families in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Danielle, a mother and former teacher, was inspired to start AberNecessities after witnessing the detrimental impact of going without basic essentials on school children’s learning and development.

She started to collect pre-loved items, which were stored in her garage before being delivered to local families, and also curated and supplied ‘Mum-to-be Bags’ to hospitals for new mothers and babies.

AberNecessities has since grown significantly, becoming a registered charity in 2019. Danielle has built strong partnerships with professionals across the health, social care and education systems to identify vulnerable families in need of support.

Through regular campaigns, appeals, and fundraising events, the charity has raised over £1.5million to date.

Danielle said: "It’s truly humbling to receive the Points of Light award and, as the founder of AberNecessities, I am deeply moved by this recognition of my team’s efforts to meet the essential needs of local children and families.

"It fills us all with great pride and an even greater determination to continue supporting our local community. It also serves as a reminder that every effort contributes to positive change.

"I am incredibly grateful for this award and we will continue our efforts to ensure that no child goes without the essentials they need to thrive."

You can find out more about AberNecessities here.