This Is the Absolute Cringiest Right-Wing Media Reaction to Trump’s Arrest


Right after former President Donald Trump was arrested and booked in Georgia, rapper Forgiato Blow, the self-described “Mayor of MAGAville,” dropped “Real America,” his new single fuming about the most recent criminal indictment against the ex-president.

While the song is your run-of-the-mill pro-Trump propaganda from a man who calls himself “Trump’s Nephew,” the video goes full cringe mode by casting several personalities from far-right conspiratorial network One America News, including the channel’s 82-year-old owner decked out in shades.

The song shares its title with the primetime OAN show hosted by Dan Ball, who features prominently in the video and introduces the song with a monologue about how “patriots are fed up” because Trump has been indicted for the fourth time by the “corrupt Biden regime justice system.”

Throughout the video, which is barely two minutes long, Forgiato Blow is not only shown behind the anchor’s desk at OAN with Ball but also walking through the halls of the network and interacting with the staff. Ball, meanwhile, bops along to the beat whenever he’s not holding up an American flag, bumping fists with the rapper, or ripping up a paper with the phrase “Trump Indictment #4” written on it.

When Blow isn’t fear-mongering about “Democrat pedophiles” or raging against “dumb” Georgia district attorney Fani Willis, he heaps praise on OAN, the network that’s been dumped by nearly every cable provider in the United States.

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“Father and a journalist, he never changed for the fame / 30 years later, Dan Ball’s legendary man / Get real, read between the lines / FJB middle finger to the other side,” Blow raps at one point.

OAN founder and owner Robert Herring also makes a cameo, wearing sunglasses and mugging for the camera with his arms crossed while standing next to a man wearing a flak jacket for some reason. “Patriot like Mr. H / 83 years in this place / liberals need a safe space / they burn a flag in your face,” Blow shouts during Herring’s appearance.

And on and on it goes. Other scenes include the rapper running through a newsroom while producers and reporters rip up more “Trump Indictment” papers, and Blow sitting down with OAN anchors Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers. (Both hosts have built TikTok followings by peddling OAN’s far-right programming while covering up their affiliation with the little-watched network.)

Alison Steinberg, who joined OAN last year after gaining social-media attention for her homophobic and anti-mask tantrums, also briefly appears in the video—smiling while writing “Mayor of MAGAville” on a whiteboard.

Anyway, if you were desperately waiting for a hip-hop collaboration between a dying Trumpist network and the guy who recently sang an ode to MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, then you are definitely in luck.

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