'It is an absolute nightmare': Activists to continue to DEMAND reopening of Ruchill Community Centre

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The last demo, pictured by Gordon Terris
The last demo, pictured by Gordon Terris

Locals are taking to the streets once again to demand the reopening of a North Glasgow community hub.

On Saturday, residents will once again rally to open the doors of Ruchill Community Centre, which has been closed since March 2020.

Last month, it emerged that a private residential developer expressed interest in purchasing the site.

As the Glasgow Times reported at the time, on July 2, demonstrators came together to call on Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life to reopen it.

This weekend, they intend to draw attention on how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting the already struggling community.

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Karen Love, 52, volunteer at Save Ruchill Community Centre, said: "It's an absolute nightmare what is going on with fuel bills, food prices and everything like that.

"We are expecting around 50 people to join.

"Now, the closure is impacting us even more because of the cost-of-living crisis. It's costing families to keep their children in the house, the bills, electricity, feeding them.

"The hub used to have food banks, sporting activities every day. It is an absolute nightmare that they shut this place down.

"People in this area cannot afford to eat and heat their houses."

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Demonstrators will meet at the closed community hub on Saturday at 2pm with banners and flyers.

Joining them will be local groups Glasgow Against Closures, Save People's Palace, Save Winter Gardens, Friends of Whiteinch Library, Friends of Victoria Park and more.

The group is also planning to hold a public meeting at the Gold Pavillion on August 24 to discuss how to put more preassure on Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life.