Abu Dhabi men jailed for 10 years for abduction, rape and torture of woman

A view of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

Two men have been jailed for 10 years for abducting a woman from the street in Abu Dhabi then torturing and raping her.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court also found the Emirati and Egyptian guilty of impersonating police officers.

A third man, who is an Emirati, was also with the duo when they carried out the attack and he was fined Dhs1,000 for not reporting the crimes.

The Chinese woman had earlier told the court that three men abducted her as she walked near a hotel in Abu Dhabi at night.

She said one of the men had stopped her claiming to be a policeman.

“He then grabbed me by my hair and forced me into their vehicle,” the woman testified in court.

The men then took her to their apartment where they beat her up and two of them raped her.

She said the third man who was with them had tried to stop the duo from caring out the assault but they ignored him.

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