Abuse victim Tony Hudgell might have law named after him

A proposed new law named after victim Tony Hudgell is set to be introduced in Parliament on Tuesday - calling for tougher prison sentences for people convicted of child abuse. ‘Tony’s Law’ was inspired by the six-year-old boy who had both his legs amputated as a result of his biological parents’ horrific abuse as a baby. His birth parents were sentenced to the current maximum jail term of only ten years. Tonbridge and Malling MP Tom Tugendhat will introduce an amendment to the government’s Policing Bill, which would give judges the ability to impose life sentences in the worst cases of child cruelty. Tony became well-known in the UK during lockdown, raising more than 1 million pounds for the London children’s hospital that saved his life as a baby. He walked more than 10km on prosthetic legs and his selfless act was inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore.