‘Accident waiting to happen’ as two 'total idiots' caught tram surfing in Sheffield

Two young men have been branded “total idiots” after a video emerged online of them “tram surfing” through Sheffield city centre .

The video shows the two men “tram surfing” on the service from Middlewood as it makes its way down West Street. One of the men can be seen clinging onto the rear of the tram, while the other is hanging on from the right hand side in order to avoid paying for a ticket.

Both of the men are wearing balaclavas and one can be seen swearing at the individual recording the footage as they jump off the tram when it comes to a stop at City Hall.

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The video, shared online by Sheffield Online , was met with concern that the balaclava clad men could have injured themselves, as people rushed to the comments to say that it was an “accident waiting to happen”. Others branded the young males “total idiots” and said that watching the footage “made their blood boil”.

Pamela Crookes said: “An accident waiting to happen if they fall off and get run over,” and Marie Cross wrote: “Hope they don't fall off..”

Lisa Marie Ackroyd said: “Absolute reprobates” and Adam Darwin commented: “I can't understand why grown men behave in such a childish manner.”

Stephen Shaw wrote: “Total idiots,” and Georgia-lauren Grant said: “Absolutely pathetic people can be these days... their parents must be proud..if there was an accident they would put the blame on something or someone else.”

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Charlotte Haslam added: “Should stop the tram and not move until they pay or get off. Absolute pathetic behaviour.”

Paula Pennock wrote: “Someone will end up underneath the tram and it'll be everybody's fault but theirs, makes my blood boil.”

Others saw the funny side with some people in the comments reminiscing that they used to do the same when trams were first introduced in the city over 20 years ago.

Dave Hawkes wrote: “Looks like good free fun in the outdoors to me,” and Troy Oneil added: “We used to do it when the trams first came back in the 90s.”

Danni New added: “That’s got to take some crazy strength though.”