'I accidentally named my son after my mum - it took me six months to realise'

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A mum on Reddit got a surprise six months after naming her baby when she realised his name was the same as her mother's. Posting in the r/namenerds forum, user groovysuzie shared her "ridiculous" epiphany that her son's first and middle names combined to form her mum's name.

She explained: "6 months later, I realized I accidentally named my son after my mom. I just had a funny/ ridiculous realization that my son's middle and first name said together is my mom's name."

To illustrate without revealing the actual names, she gave an example: "Mom's name: Marilyn. Son's name: Lin Mara."

Groovysuzie added: "It's so ridiculous I can't believe nobody else has noticed. The example given makes it a little more obvious than their actual names but not by much. My son's first name is meaningful in his dad's language and his middle name has a meaning in the languages of both our cultures."

The post also noted that the boy's first name is significant in his father's language, and his middle name carries meaning in both parents' cultural languages. Despite the unintentional tribute, some users on Reddit found the name choice rather clever, with one sharing a similar story about a woman named Margolin who named her daughter Margo Lin, reports the Mirror.

Meanwhile, another commenter pointed out that this naming convention is similar to a traditional practice in the South, where children are given names related to the mother's maiden name.

They wrote: "In the South there is a tradition of either moving the maiden name to the middle for the wife, or naming the first child if it's a boy the mother's maiden name as a middle name, and if it's a girl the mothers maiden name as a first name."

Another Reddit user revealed their similar experience, though it took them a little longer to realise.

They confessed: "When we told my daughter she was named after my grandmother, Florence, she asked my mom if I was named after my grandmother (mom's mom), too, because my name was in the middle of her name. At first we were puzzled and then just like that it hit us. My name is Lauren."