According To Parents, This Is The Age That Children Are The 'Easiest'

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There are days, or even years, when parents find themselves asking, “does it get easier at any point?”

In fact, one Reddit user did exactly that. On the Parenting subreddit, the parent of toddlers said: “At what age, in your opinion, does parenting get easier?

“I have a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old—both great kids. But out of curiosity: at what age did you feel a sigh of relief...that maaaaybe things are getting a little easier, and why?”

Of course, for some parents, it really just hasn’t gotten easier, just different. One user said: “Mine is now 9 and it only gets harder. When does it get easier? 35?”

However, other users came to a consensus on what was the easiest age to parent a child.

The age when children are easier to care for 

User penguinina_666 said: “8 is soooo easy, in terms of caring. You are in the rough stage. Hang in there.”

Other users concurred with one saying: “I really think 8 is the best age. They’re so cute, fun, and hilarious.”

Another added: “I was going to say 8 to 11 is the sweet spot. Age 8 was extremely easy for both of my kids and it was smooth sailing through the end of elementary.

“Middle school and puberty brings some challenges but I liked that stage as well, though I’d say it is probably the hardest is terms of doing things “right.” The plus side is that the hard work tends to pay off. I love(d) parenting teenagers.”

User lambofgun said: “For me there was a sweet spot from between about 6-8 where it was incredibly easy. now that hes 10, theres all kinds of complicated things he asks, is into and comes in contact with. still rewarding and hes a great kid!”

All of this being said, user alee0224 had the best response with: “When my kids were 4/6 was when it got easier for me!

“They’re 8/10 now and very independent. It just feels like I am hanging out with friends that I cook for every night, have them clean their rooms, and check their teeth before bed.”