Acrobatic Cockroach 'Backflips' Out of Insect Enthusiast's Hand

Cockroaches may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one insect enthusiast in Australia offered a fascinating insight into their development with a recent Instagram video.

Lisa Van Kula Donovan, a resident of Torbanlea, Queensland, regularly shares interesting moments with her collection of arachnid and insect pets to social media.

In a July 22 post, she shared footage of a cockroach performing a “backflip” off of a piece of apple she was holding.

While Van Kula Donovan notes that this particular type of insect has a “stigma” surrounding them, and that her son “would rather die than hold one,” she added “I don’t mind them.”

“Did you guys know that before cockroaches get their wings, they’ll do backflips in order to get away? You can tell by the flapping of the front arms,” she wrote. One comment on the post noted that it looked like the insect was “throwing a tantrum.”

According to, “in species of cockroaches that have wings, nymphs don’t grow wings until very late in their development.”

Van Kula Donovan’s Instagram account, with the apt title of wannabe_entomologist, boasts over 48,000 followers. Credit: Lisa Van Kula Donovan via Storyful

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