Activists Say Air Raids Included Incendiary Munitions in Idlib Provincial Village

The southern Idlib province was bombarded by at least 10 air raids on April 15, including several alleged incendiary munitions in Tarmala, Khan Shaykhun, and Kafr Sijna, according to Syrian activist reports.

While the use of incendiary cluster munitions could not be independently verified by Storyful, their effects bear a marked similarity in color and brightness to cluster and phosphorus bombs, which have reportedly been used in northwestern areas of Syria controlled by the opposition.

Activists and opposition groups in Syria have repeatedly reported on the use of cluster munitions by Syrian and Russian forces over the past year. Human Rights Watch identified the use of the RBK-500 SPBE cluster bomb in the conflict. It is banned by the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which neither Russia nor Syria are party to. Credit: YouTube/Qasioun News Agency via Storyful