Activists block Downing Street gates with dinner table in protest to government approach to coronavirus

Activists from the group "Pause The System" blocked the gates to Downing Street on Friday (March 20) with a striking protest involving a dinner table.

Actors with signs reading "airlines" and "big business" were handed money on their plates by another actor representing the government, as two more actors as the NHS and "the people" sit on the ground receiving nothing.

Police intervened to move the protest to the side of the gates, but the activists moved the table back in front shortly after.

Pause The System said in a press release today that "the government is not taking necessary action to help protect UK citizens". The group's three demands are to "pause the system", "support everyone" and "transform the system".

In that same release, spokesperson Steph Zupan said "The Government's priorities are all wrong, it is clear that we need to change this broken system to one which prioritises ordinary people instead of lining the pockets of big business. The Government is exploiting this crisis to implement policies which advance their political agenda."