Activists Dressed as Orcas Block Citigroup Offices in Manhattan

Protesters dressed like orcas descended on Citigroup’s offices in New York, New York, on Tuesday, June 11, as part of climate demonstrators’ The Summer of Heat on Wall Street campaign targeting major finance firms.

Footage recorded by New York Communities for Change shows protesters at the Citigroup offices in Manhattan chanting, “Sink the yachts, sink the motherf***ing yachts” and “Climate over profit,” and a line of people waiting to enter the building.

The group said 33 activists were arrested.

The action was part of a campaign targeting Wall Street companies and asking them to stop funding oil, coal, and gas.

The NYPD had not publicly confirmed arrest numbers from the protest. Credit: New York Communities for Change via Storyful

Video transcript

Hey, Shady.


Love it.

Who is it?



In case you're wondering, it's a protest of Citibank.

Well, motherfucking yachts sink the yachts, sink the motherfucking yachts, sink the yacht.

They're not sick.

They're not sick.


Um, closer to the prisoner transport vehicle or if you resist arrest, you may be charged with additional crimes.

Since you have refused to disperse, you will be placed under arrest on the charge of disorderly conduct if you do not co-operate and accompany the arresting officer to the prisoner transport.