What actually are ‘brain farts’ - and how do you stop having them?

Have you ever had a moment where you arrive at your car, arms full of everything you need – and you suddenly have no idea where you put the keys?

Or have you ever walked into a room and suddenly had no memory whatsoever of why you were in there?

Dr Michelle Braun, a neuropsychologist speccialising in brain health says that such ‘brain farts’ are normal – and not a sign that your brain is on the blink.

They happen to most of us, regardless of age or gender, Medical Daily reports.

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Dr Braun says that in most cases, it’s about ‘taking on too much’ – in terms of dealing with a lot of mundane tasks at once.

Dr Braun said, Most of the time we are multitasking in our minds, and when we do common activities and repetitive tasks our brains go into default mode.

‘What you have to do is pay more attention to these mundane daily tasks and what it is you are trying to remember.’