Adam Sandler Reveals Upcoming Safdie Movie Will Include ‘Live Baseball’ but Has No Start Date Yet

Adam Sandler is giving away a few more details about his upcoming “Uncut Gems” reunion with the Safdie Bros.

Sandler is set to star in the yet-untitled Netflix film co-written by the Safdie Bros. Josh Safdie will be solo directing the film which is set in the world of sports memorabilia. Megan Thee Stallion co-stars.

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Happy Gilmore production Sandler, who has an overall production deal with streamer Netflix, told Collider that he is unsure when the film will go into production as it is dependent on the baseball season.

“We’re not sure right now. We kind of missed the opportunity of baseball season because of the strike,” Sandler said, citing the SAG-AFTRA strike that recently was resolved after more than 118 days of picketing. “A lot of it was gonna be shot during live baseball. So it’s gonna take a minute. We’re figuring it all out right now. I’m not sure when it’s gonna happen.”

IndieWire has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Sandler previously teased that the Safdie Bros’ script was “insane” and originally 340 pages. “They’ve been writing this movie we’re supposed to do together for a couple years. They just write hundreds and hundreds of pages,” Sandler told The Hollywood Reporter in February 2023. “I’ll read them and I’ll say, ‘I like the part when this…’ And they’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s not in it anymore. We did a whole other thing. We’re going to send you a new draft.’ They just don’t stop writing and thinking and coming at every angle they can, and this movie we’re going to do is pretty amazing.”

As formerly stated, Josh Safdie will direct the film, his first helming gig sans brother Benny Safdie. Benny Safdie, who produces and co-wrote the next movie, confirmed the creative split to GQ earlier this year, saying, “[Production company] Elara is still there. We work on a lot of documentaries and there’s just a constant flow of ideas. It just felt like, OK, there’s things that I want to explore that don’t necessarily align right now with Josh. So it’s a divide and conquer mentality. He wants to tell this story, he can go and do that. I’m going to go and do a couple of other things. It seems like a natural progression for how things have happened.”

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