Adam Woodyatt on his messy joint birthday party with Zammo from Grange Hill

Soap star turned chef Adam Woodyatt talks to Kate about the messy joint birthday party he had with Lee MacDonald (Zammo from Grange Hill).

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: Our Christmas Day show on White Wine Question Time we reunited the cast of "Grange Hill."


KATE THORNTON: Oh it's just so lovely. And you must have known some of those guys. I mean, we had Lee McDonald was on there.

ADAM WOODYATT: Lee, Lee, had the flat I had around the corner from the studios in Elk Street, back, back, back, back in the early '80s. Yeah, we had a joint birthday party to God knows what. Yeah I remember talking about it the other day and it got very, very messy. People throwing up in the-- on top of speakers and the police arriving and all sorts. Yeah, but it was a different world.

KATE THORNTON: Can they go Ian, Bill, and Samo, what's going on?

ADAM WOODYATT: Yeah pretty much.

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