Addicted to social media? It could be down to your genetics

Obsessed with Facebook? Blame it on your parents (Picture: REX)

If you’re obsessed with Facebook or Twitter, you may have just received all the permission you need to blame it on your parents.

Or at least that’s according to a new study, which claimed that genetics are a huge influence when it comes to our social media usage.

The study, by Kent State University, looked at sets of twins and found that genetics are far more influential than environmental factors when it comes to social media usage.

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After analysing social media usage in sets of twins, the study seemingly proved that two thirds of our social media use can be attributed to genetic traits.

Past research has previously revealed that genetics can influence the way we communicate with other people, but it’s thought that this is one of the first papers to show that these traits seemingly affect our online behaviour too.

However, researcher Chance York also stresses that there is no ‘social media gene’ within humans that can be isolated.

He said: ‘We are still working in a “black box” in that we can’t directly observe how genes impact our neuroanatomy, which in turn impacts cognitive processing, personality, and subsequent media selection and effects.

‘However, this study―and this line of inquiry―is a starting point for studying genetic influence on communication.’

And with that, it’s time to shoot some serious side eye at your parents when they next critique you for spending copious amounts of time on your phone.