Adding Milk To Your Tea Officially Helps Keep Your Teeth White

Tea purists may argue against the addition of milk to tea but new research has proven that a splash of the white stuff can help your pearly whites live up to their name.

Tea without milk is rife with tannins that give tea its delicious flavour and reassuring chocolatey colour, but also stick like limpets to the teeth and cause stains.

But a dash of milk brings casein to the party. Casein is the main protein in milk, and it binds to the tannins thus preventing them from staining the teeth.

Dr Ava Chow, of University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry, conducted the study. She told the Daily Mail, “The more the tea is processed or oxidised, the higher its staining properties are. But we’ve found that the addition of milk to tea reduces the tea’s ability to stain teeth.”

To make the discovery, she used extracted human teeth and immersed them in tea both with and without milk for 24 hours and recorded any changes in colour.

“The magnitude of the colour change observed in our experiments is comparable to the colour change seen by vital bleaching products and more effective than whitening toothpastes,” she added.

So rather than spend a fortune on whitening products, just add some milk to your cuppa. Now, if we could just come up with some similar findings for red wine…

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(pic: Food and Drink/Rex Shutterstock)

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