ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE - People in Tetbury near King Charles' Highgrove House estate pay heartfelt tributes to The Queen

People in Tetbury near King Charles' Highgrove House estate paid heartfelt tributes to The Queen today (Fri).

Local Amanda Brooks, 32, feels like she has personally 'lost a family member.'

The staff member at Haine and Smith in Tetbury said: "I think we just don't realise the enormity of what has happened.

"I personally have only ever known the Queen: stamps, money, 'God Save the Queen' - it's all going to change.

"I mean, we knew it was coming, she was 96, but it's still like you've lost a family member really."

Amanda admits she pities King Charles, due to the sheer magnitude of the role which has now been unfolded upon him - but still has faith he will do "an amazing job."

She explained: "I do feel sorry for him because it is a big task to take on.

"But I think with the backing of the whole royal family, the Queen consort now and also Duke and Duchess - which are now Cornwall and Cambridge which is just crazy.

Amanda added: "Our thoughts are with everyone.

"I think you can see from the last 12 hours just how much she touched everyone's lives - including myself."

Jackie Stead, 59, said: "It is the realisation that she's gone - although you appreciate her age, and her frailty and perhaps her decline since she lost her dear dear husband.

"But I think you still thought she would be there forever really and clearly no, it's not the case."

Jackie, manager of gift shop French Grey, in Tetbury, said: "It's a very sad and shocking day.

"I feel very sad, very sad indeed as she's all I've ever known in my lifetime and that is the same for lots of other people too.''

King Charles' store at Highgrove remains closed today, but besides the occasional flag in the window and the town flag flying at half mast over the town hall, there are no other visible signs of mourning.