Adelaide Motorist Rescues Koala That Caused Multi-Car Pileup

A koala appeared undaunted after causing chaos on a South Australian freeway on February 8, finding itself behind the wheel of a car shortly after being responsible for a multi-car pileup.

The koala in question had wandered onto a freeway during morning rush hour in Adelaide, causing a major collision before being rescued by a motorist.

Footage of the animal responsible for the mayhem was captured by Nadia Tugwell, after she had placed it in her car.

Speaking to 7News, Tugwell said, “Oh, it was ready to take off, saying ‘Come on mummy where are we going? I’m driving’.”

There were no major casualties as a result of the incident and the koala was released back into the wild. Credit: Nadia Tugwell via Storyful