Adele cries with happiness for woman who flew to Vegas show for 'divorce party'

A woman flew to Las Vegas with 13 of her friends to mark her divorce with a "newly-unwed party" - and even "made Adele cry" when she spotted the singleton celebrating.Rebecca Feinglos, 33, decided to celebrate the end of her marriage with a divorce party - like a hen do, but post-relationship instead of pre-wedding.After her six-year marriage officially ended, Rebecca and 13 of her best friends jetted from Durham, North Carolina, US, to Las Vegas, Nevada, US, to celebrate in December 2022.She donned a tiara which read 'Divorce Babe' and the group hit the strip - going to the spa, out for food, to bars and travelling in a stretched hummer - before heading to superstar Adele's residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.SWNS/Rebecca Feinglos