Adele shares hilarious bloopers video from 'Easy On Me' shoot

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Adele has shared a montage of hilarious bloopers from behind the scenes of her latest music video.

The singer-songwriter, 33, has burst back onto the scene with new track 'Easy On Me'.

And she has now revealed that the video shoot wasn’t without a few gaffes.

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“It’s all smoke and mirrors! Here’s all the bloopers from the 'Easy On Me' video,” she wrote on Instagram.

The funny clip shows the star struggling to pop in a cassette tape in a car, trying it over and over again before eventually succeeding and squealing: “It worked!”

In another comical moment, Adele is singing her heart out while a wind machine sends pages of music flying straight into her face.

It happens several times, but Adele manages to keep going until one sheet almost completely covers her face and she starts to giggle.

She also wrestles with a leather coat that keeps getting in the way of her picking up her bag in one scene, and there is a hilarious moment when she is asked to wink and insists that she can’t do it.

In one scene, the star is in a car that she clearly isn’t driving even though scenery is sailing by outside.

Adele is supposed to be singing with her eyes closed, but she tells the director: “I don’t know how long to close my eyes for because I’m driving obviously!”

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Fans absolutely loved the insight into making a music video.

“THANK YOU, NEEDED THIS TODAY,” wrote one in the comments section.

“Love it!” posted another.

“Adele is SO British it’s actually so funny,” said another fan.

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