ADN Politics podcast: The education bill failed. Now what?

Mar. 22—Host Elizabeth Harball talks with ADN journalists and others about some of Alaska's biggest news stories. Subscribe here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy made good on his threat last week, vetoing a $200 million education bill that had passed the Legislature on a bipartisan vote.

This week — amid immense pressure on all sides — lawmakers fell one vote short of overriding that veto.

Now the future of state education funding for Alaska schools this year is murky, at best.

In this episode, host Elizabeth Harball talks to reporters Iris Samuels and Sean Maguire to discuss what happened, and the coming political fallout.

Host: Elizabeth Harball. Guests: Sean Maguire and Iris Samuels. Produced by Evan Phillips, Elizabeth Harball and Zachariah Hughes Editor: David Hulen.


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