Watch adorable 10-week-old tiger cubs explore jungle habitat for first time

This is the moment three rare Sumatran tiger cubs made their public debut at a Sydney zoo.

The boisterous 10-week-old siblings explored their jungle habitat in their first public appearance at Taronga Zoo on Friday, March 22.

The rare cubs, who belong to the most endangered subspecies of tiger in the world, were born on January 17 to first-time mother Kartika.

The three Sumatran tiger cubs were born at Taronga Zoo in Sydney
The cubs were pictured making their first public outing on March 21
The cubs are currently the main attraction at Taronga Zoo
Sumatran tigers are the most endangered subspecies of tiger in the world

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The female cubs were named Mawar, which means Rose in Indonesian, and Tengah Malam, which means Midnight. The male’s name is Pemanah, or Archer.

Taronga Zoo manager Mandy Everett said the critically endangered tiger subspecies are under increasing pressure as their jungle habitat shrinks.

The cubs were born on January 17
The cubs are now 10-weeks-old
The adorable animals have been a big hit with the zoo’s visitors
There are only around 350 Sumatran tigers left in the wild

She said that there are only around 350 of their species left in the wild, adding: “The threats that they’re facing in the wild are habitat loss through deforestation and a lot of that’s due to palm oil plantation.”

She said the zoo’s cubs are likely to grow up to become part of breeding programmes in other zoos around the world.

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