Adorable Baby Coatis Play on Terrace in Brazil

A band of baby coatis were filmed playing on a terrace at a wildlife research and conservation centre in Campina Grande do Sul, Brazil.

This footage, shot by wildlife volunteer Goska Zdziechowska at Criadouro Onça Pintada on September 25, begins with two of the excitable coatis wrestling as a third grooms itself. The playful fight promptly draws the attention of three more of the mammals, which do not hesitate to engage.

“When they realised I was watching them, they started to stare at me,” Zdziechowska told Storyful. “Maybe they were wondering if they could get something to eat or whether it would be better to disappear?”

It is common for female and young coatis to live in bands of five to 40 and travel together, while male coatis are largely solitary and only join bands during the short mating season. Credit: Goska Zdziechowska via Storyful