This adorable corgi loves riding around with her dad in his backpack

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This adorable corgi loves riding around with her dad in his backpack and goes with him everywhere - including the SUBWAY.

Four-year-old Pembroke welsh Corgi Maxine loves nothing more than accompanying owner Bryan Reisberg on his commute to work.

Maxine is content to sit in Bryan's backpack, napping, smiling and interacting with 'fellow' passengers.

Bryan, 32, was so taken by the other passenger's reactions to Maxine he created a  MadMax_FluffyRoad social media account which has over half a million followers.

Bryan, who lives with wife Alex Garyn, 31, in Brooklyn, New York, said: "Maxine is pretty much like me and my wife.  

"She's motivated by food, loves to be comfortable at all times, and takes naps whenever possible.

"I went to film school at NYU and work as a filmmaker and creative director, so when we got Maxine back in 2016, we started her Instagram as something fun to do. 

"It became a creative outlet for me. We got her around the time that Mad Max: Fury Road came out. We absolutely LOVED the movie. 

"So we thought we would have some fun with her handle, and we decided to make every caption a movie quote.

"The video is a compilation of clips of Maxine riding with me on the NYC subway. I've been taking Maxine to work with me ever since she was a puppy. 

"She loves riding with me. She started napping on the subway, and interacting with people around her. I saw how much people loved seeing her, so I started filming our rides more and more.

"Most people are so pleasantly surprised to see a fluffy corgi in a backpack. I see and hear them smiling and laughing and it gives me joy seeing her brighten people's day, even for a moment, during an otherwise hellish commute."