Adorable Coyote Plays With Toys in Vancouver Backyard

A coyote was filmed playing in a backyard in West Vancouver, Canada, on Friday, April 22.

Video recorded by Alex Kershaw shows the wild animal throwing a ball around and chewing on a dog toy.

Kershaw said she was enjoying a coffee before noticing the animal in her backyard.

“I thought to myself, ‘whose dog is in my backyard?’ and soon realized it was a coyote,” Kershaw told Storyful.

“The way he was playing with my dog’s toys seemed too playful and adorable, so I reached for my phone and captured the moment.

“We don’t often see coyotes play and they have bad reputation of killing cats, small dogs and injuring humans.”

The British Colombia Government describes wild coyotes are naturally curious animals that will usually run away if challenged. Credit: Alex Kershaw via Storyful

Video transcript

- It's about the same size as Trip.

It looks like how Trip plays.

- He's totally just playing.

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