Duck Learns to Ride Skateboard at Georgia Home

An adorable duck named Remi showed off just how well ducks can be trained as he rode a skateboard in Talbotton, Georgia, on March 18.

Beverly Teel, who runs the lilquakers TikTok account, recorded this video of Remi riding a skateboard that is being pulled with clear string. Teel told Storyful the idea of teaching her duck how to skateboard started as a joke.

“I posted a short, cute video on TikTok and people did not hesitate to blow it up,” she said. “So then I started to wonder if I could actually teach a duck to skateboard.”

Teel said she looked for other ducks learning how to skateboard for guidance but did not find much. She told Storyful she ended up using a tutorial meant to teach dogs how to skateboard and said it took quite a while for Remi to catch on.

Teel said she’s been training 7-week-old Remi since he was just one day old, and continues to train him on a daily basis. Credit: @lilquackers via Storyful

Video transcript


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