An ADORABLE family of MINKS are caught scurrying across a country road

A mischievous family of minks scurried across a country road - after popping their heads out of the bushes to see if it was busy. The comedic footage showed the four critters racing across a road after checking to see the coast was clear. Firefighter Jamie Sillars, 40, spotted the furry family between Clonaig and Skipness, Argyll and Bute,. Minks are known as an invasive species in Scotland, due to damage caused by eating and killing native wildlife. They were released in Scotland in the 1950s, after farming them for their fur was banned. Jamie, from the Isle of Arran, said: "I heard a funny noise and saw the bushes rustle so turned my camera on just as the mother popped her head up to see if the coast was clear to take her babies across the road. "They then followed her straight past me and down the other side. "At the end of the video, you can see one going back into the original bush. "Two minutes later that baby plus the other parent ran out but unfortunately, I never caught that. "It's one hundred percent a family of minks. "They come in different shades hence the adult being lighter in colour. "It was very nice to see as they are normally quite elusive creatures, especially to be so close to them when they ran past. "It's hard not to like them as they are quite cute wee furry animals. "But I do appreciate that they can and do cause a lot of harm to the wildlife." This video was filmed on the 28th June 2021.

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