Adorable Little Girl Pledges Allegiance to 'United Steaks of America'

A clever young girl in Ohio recited the Pledge of Allegiance for her parents as she had learned it at preschool that day – with only a few phonetic flubs.

Herbert Pallotta posted the video to Instagram. It shows his three-year-old daughter Charlotte’s highly impressive Pledge of Allegiance to the United Steaks of America.

Pallotta told Storyful that they had passed an American flag on Charlotte’s journey home from school, and when Charlotte’s mother asked her whether she understood anything about the flag, Pallotta said that she was familiar with the pledge.

“As you can tell, it’s directly from what she learned at school because she even ends it with ‘you may have a seat,’ which is what her teacher says. We’re so proud of her!” Pallotta said. Credit: Herbert Pallotta via Storyful