Adorable moment family fakes ear drops for dog because he is jealous of fellow pup's medicine

Katy Clifton
Twitter/Chloe Copley

This is the adorable moment a loving pet owner pretends to give his dog ear drops because he is jealous of his friend who actually needs the medication.

Footage shows the gorgeous Labrador waiting patiently as his owner applies medical drops to the other dog and massages her ears.

Not one to be left out, the dog quickly moves into the pup's place after she leaves.

The owner then screws back on the lid and pretends to give him the same drops.

The dog, named Cache, runs off excitedly after his ears are massaged in the same way as the other dog's.

Posting the video on social media, Chloe Copley said: “My dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.

“Nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend…”

Another video posted of Cache shows him being handed a toy before walking off, only to rush back and claim the second one too which was offered to another dog.

Twitter went into a meltdown after the adorable footage was posted on Tuesday, with many sharing similar tales of jealousy between their pets.

“We have to take both our cats to the vet at the same time even if only one needs to go. The one left behind always gets upset,” one wrote.

Another said: “When I had to give my boy his antibiotics I rolled it in ham, and of course all the other dogs said well Umm wait a minute here, where’s mine? So everybody got ham for a week”