Adorable moment fox and her cubs enter UK home to cool off during heatwave

Retired accountant Douglas Abbott, 73, had been leaving his patio doors open in the evenings to let the cool air through.

He has been leaving food out for the foxes - that have a den in the garden - for years, but he was delighted when they decided to make a visit and eat inside his house.

Douglas, of Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent said: "As it's been so hot recently, we've been leaving the patio door open.

"One of the cubs turned up to find its sibling had already eaten all the food we'd put out, so it came into the living room to look for food and we put some more down.

"We started putting food out for the foxes years ago when they dug a den in the garden, which enabled us to see the cubs playing in the daylight.

"But the cubs weren't getting enough to eat, and the parents had mange so we put out food laced with medication as advised by a local animal welfare expert.

"They all recovered and after that, it became a habit to put out food during the cubs’ growing season.

"They come every night - usually five minutes after we've started watching a film.

"They are often more entertaining than the TV.

"If they come and there's no food for them, and the patio door is shut, they will put their paws up on the glass to make sure we see them, and we'll go and put some more food out.

"At the moment, there's a mum and three cubs who must be around three-and-a-half months old, but usually they don't all come at the same time.

Filmed July 2022

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