Adorable panda cubs delight tourists at Chinese zoo

Lizzie Edmonds
Cute creatures: The pandas have been named Yu Bao, Yu Bei and Lian Yue: Xinhua News Agency/Rex

Three giant panda cubs were the star attraction as they played around in their enclosure at the Chongquin Zoo in China.

The little bears were given the names Yu Bao, Yu Bei and Lian Yue at a naming celebration over the weekend.

Adorable images showed the cheeky trio play fight with each other and snuggle up to zoo keepers.

Chongqing Zoo started to breed giant pandas in 1960 and now have around 15 of the creatures living in captivity.

Cheeky critters: The adorable trio entertained tourists (Xinhua News Agency/Rex)

The 45 hectare attraction allows members of the public to watch the pandas being fed at 9am every day.

The south-west China tourist hotspot has also played home to rare red pandas and white tigers.