Adorable pet goat ascends the 'mountainous peaks' of his owner’s lounge chair

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Watch as this adventurous pet goat ascends the 'mountainous peaks' of his owner's lounge chair. 

Lil Jerry, a two-week-old baby goat, can be seen jostling for position with Suerte the cat, trying to maintain his position on top of the easy chair. 

Owner Brandon Keeling, 36, a machine specialist, said: "He was born on the 14th of January and he was walking within five minutes.  

"Normally the dog sits in that chair, but he conquered the hill. It's the highest he's climbed so far. Lil Jerry just learned how to climb up on the chair on his own."

But Suerte wasn't happy that Lil Jerry had taken up residence in the most coveted spot in the house. 

Brandon, from Marshall, Texas, added: "The cat likes to hunt Jerry. Suerte has this habit of being crazy. 

"All the other animals are normal with Lil Jerry, but then she comes barrel rolling out of a corner." 

Brandon admits Lil Jerry isn't completely house trained, but he seems to have a natural respect for his owner's domicile.

He said: "My wife swears he's potty trained, but I don't know. I prefer for him to stay outside, but we bring him in to play sometimes.

 "And he comes inside some nights when it's cold. 

"I don't want him to be too humanized, also the mom will stop making milk if he stops nursing regularly. 

"He was inside for an hour recently though, and he only went to the bathroom after we brought him outside. 

"Maybe he just feels awkward about peeing in the house."