Adorable pitbull pulls owner out of her shell despite being blind

This adorable pitbull pulled his owner out of her private shell despite being BLIND. 

Owner Katie Frame,18, gained more than a pet when her family adopted pitbull Bear, five, in February 2016. 

The 'happy-go-lucky' dog now has over 170,000 followers, and has sparked a community of blind dog owners to come together online. 

Speaking of her best friend, Miss Frame said: "I'm never alone anymore.

"Before him it was really hard for me to go out and talk to people but when his Instagram blew up I was talking to all sorts of people! 

"And taking him on walks - it gets me out and moving but also socializing because people will often stop to talk to us. 

"Plus I kid you not, I didn't notice until my mum pointed it out but when I walk into a room or speak his tail starts to wag and his ears perk up. 

"He loves everybody and all my family but there's no questioning he's my dog." 

Bear was hit by a car in 2016, leaving one eye bloodshot and the other 'melting out of his head,' 

Miss Frame claims his owner came to the animal hospital in Bucks County to identify him but never returned. 

After three days of waiting, Miss Frame adopted her new best friend. 

Despite losing both his eyes in the accident, there are very few challenges for Miss Frame and her family. 

"When we first got him he had a fear of stairs and walking by himself, but those were overcome quickly. 

"He's not the type to wallow, he's a very happy-go-lucky dog.

"People tend to think it takes a special person to have a blind dog and that things are so different from having a sighted dog.

"But I forget he's blind half the time." 

Her favorite memory involves being back at the vet with Bear, but this time after he managed to open the chocolate drawer. 

"The stuff they gave him made him a little loopy and he was rolling in the grass, literally sliding down the hill.

"I'm stressing out because my child just ate dark chocolate, and he's having a grand old time with absolutely no regrets." 

And Miss Frame has no regrets adopting the blind dog. 

"I don't even remember what life was like before him and I don't want to think about it. 

"I got him when I was 15 and he's grown a lot with me. 

"I do believe he's helped shape who I am."