Adorable pup keeps knocking down patio chairs while he’s supposed to be on guard duty!

Watch as this adorable pup knocks down every chair on his owner's patio while he's supposed to be on guard duty. Oscar, a two and half-year-old Samoyed, was caught red-handed messing up the yard and shirking his responsibilities on multiple occasions. "I don't have any clue why he does this," Iosif Karaioannoglou, 41, Oscar's owner began. "He doesn't even sit on the chairs. "He just likes to throw them around. "He keeps doing it." Iosif had a hunch that Oscar was the one upturning his chairs every night, but it wasn't until he installed cameras that his suspicions were confirmed. "I originally got the CCTV so I could watch Oscar while I was away. "One night, my sister and I watched him on the internet and saw he was the one ruining the chairs. "We love him though, and all we could do was laugh." According to Iosif, Oscar is typically well-behaved whenever his family is around. But when he's left to his own devices, he turns into a bit of a troublemaker. "He's been doing this for about half a year," the Thessaloniki, Greece-based software engineer continued. "He's always messing with stuff. "He behaves correctly if we tell him what to do, but if we leave him alone he'd probably eat our shoes and socks. "He likes to play with everything he sees." This video was filmed throughout February 2021.

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