This Adorable Puppy Is Helping To Nurse An Injured Donkey Back To Health

This injured young donkey has a friend for life - in the adorable puppy that’s patiently nursing him back to health.

The 4-month-old foal broke three legs after being knocked down by a car and left to die by the side of a road in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Zenith Gurgel took the mule - which she’s named “Guerreirinho” (translated to “Little Warrior”) into her house and has been feeding it by hand.

And now her little dog, who she also rescued from the streets, is playing its part by snuggling up to the wounded animal.

The pup refuses to leave the side of the donkey, who still can’t walk.

The heartwarming scenes were caught on camera and went viral after being uploaded online.

The publicity it’s generated has also helped Gurgel raise enough money needed for Guerreirinho to have an operation and get back on his hooves again.

(Pictures credited to CEN)