Adorable video shows two foxes BOUNCING on family's trampoline

This cute video shows two foxes bouncing on a family's trampoline - just like John Lewis' beloved Christmas advert.

The furry cubs spent more than 10 minutes playing together in Sutton, south London last Monday (June 13).

The adorable scene bears resemblance to John Lewis' Christmas advert from 2016, where animated foxes, badgers and dogs bounce on a child's trampoline.

Nic Smith, 52, a social housing officer, captured the footage at her home.

She said: "It's bizarre but it's really quite sweet. They were having a whale of a time.

"The other morning I woke up around 6.30am and looked out the window and they were bouncing on the trampoline.

"It just reminded me of the John Lewis advert where the kid gets a trampoline and there were foxes bouncing on it.

"I'd zipped up the trampoline so they must have opened the zip with their snouts. There's a three-step ladder to get up there too.

"They spent at least 10 minutes playing on there. Maybe they just like the bounce you get on the trampoline."

The foxes can be seen hesitating as they get to grips with the bouncy surface.

But after a small pause, they both get all four legs into the air as they leap around on the trampoline.

Nic said that her two sons - aged 12 and 10 - were ecstatic after seeing the video of the foxes, who regularly hang out in the family's garden.

Nic said: "The kids love the foxes. They think it's hilarious that we've got them here.

"They come and lay in the garden to relax when we're sat outside.

"The fox cubs bring toys into the garden. They took a stuffed duck toy into the trampoline and played with it in there.

"Two of them are friends with our cat - they came and give her a chicken wing a couple of weeks ago.

"They've just grown up in the backs of the gardens. They're quite friendly."

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