Adorable video of stoats 'playing TAG' as they chase each other in and out of woodpile

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This adorable footage shows the moment two young stoats were seen 'playing tag' as they chased each other in and out of a woodpile at the bottom of a garden.

The two little animals did not seem to tire of their energetic game, as they weaved in and out of the pile of logs for over ten minutes, hiding from and then pouncing on one another in turn.

The young stoats were spotted darting among the logs before peeking their heads out, each one keeping an eye out for its playmate as it planned its next leap on the other.

And Alan Carter, 73, from Winchester, Hants., was delighted to watch the two furry animals frolicking amongst the wood at the bottom of his garden.

The amateur wildlife photographer said: "It was a great surprise to see the stoats.

"I have a trail camera set up in my garden to capture video of the hedgehog that regularly visits a feeding station there - but I wasn't expecting to see these two.

"I moved the camera to a different position and was rewarded with this display of frolicking young stoats playing tag.

"They were at it for over ten minutes, and just appeared to never get bored with chasing each other around.

"I'm guessing they probably live in my neighbour's paddock, which is behind my garden, or in the woods beyond."

Alan added that as well as the stoats and the hedgehog, he has also spotted a fox, squirrels, and even a deer passing through his garden.

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