Do adult entertainers have a responsibility to comment on Austin Wolf's arrest?

Austin Wolf Arrested Gay Porn
Austin Wolf Arrested Gay Porn

Late last month, popular adult entertainer Austin Wolf was arrested on charges of child pornography.

Since the news broke, many of his former fans and long-time critics have reached out to his frequent collaborators asking them to speak out against Wolf and his alleged criminal activity.

One glance at social media and you'll find many people calling out Wolf for the type of content he's created throughout his career, which typically shows him on-camera filming sexual videos with younger porn stars.

Many popular content creators haven't said anything in relation to Wolf's case and it appears that'll stay the same until Wolf's court date or possibly forever.

That begs the question... is it even necessary for these adult performers to say anything? Do they have a responsibility to publicly rebuke him? That's a question that many in Wolf's orbit are likely wrestling with now.

Jason Luna is a longtime friend and collaborator of Wolf's who mentioned that many people have stayed silent since they're in shock themselves.

"Most of us are silent because we are having a really difficult time processing what just happened," Luna posted.

It's also important to note that other notable adult entertainers have been facing attacks on social media for even appearing in a video with Wolf in the past.

For example, Josh Moore pointed out that a ton of models in the industry were getting scary messages and threats for having minimal connection with Wolf, which he believes isn't fair.

Other popular adult film stars including Timothy Champagne and Harley Xavier decided to speak out. The duo posted a video on Instagram commenting on Wolf's charges and and they even responded to backlash they received on the internet.

Neither stars have filmed with Wolf, but they've worked with a lot of other content creators who've collaborated with Wolf in the past.

"I'm sorry to all the victims. There's so many layers to this story, but the takeaway is you never know. Everybody really respected him. Everyone loved him. He doesn't speak for the rest of us. We condemn this behavior entirely," Xavier said.

Champagne also called out trolls online who made false accusations about other sex workers having any involvement in Wolf's case.

"Most people in the industry are ethical. If you've worked with him in the past, I feel like people will accuse you of knowing things. People don't know. People online just want you to be a hypocrite and they're addicted to drama. This isn't drama. This is something real. Not everybody knew what was going on," Champagne added.

Popular porn studio, who signed Wolf as exclusive model, quickly dropped him following the news of his arrest. Soon after, a few people spoke up about their relationships with Wolf, including Joey Mills and Felix Fox.

Although many people are choosing to be silent regarding this news, only time will tell if more people will speak up as Wolf's case continues to progress.

At the end of July, Wolf will attend a preliminary hearing in the case, where the prosecution will present evidence to a judge who will decide whether enough evidence exists for the case to go to trial. He faces up to 20 years in prison for his alleged crimes.