Adults Fight During Little League Game in Eastern Kentucky

A Little League championship baseball game on June 14 devolved into a fight between adults in Stanton, Kentucky.

Footage captured by Destani Renaye Knox, who said her child was in the game, shows several adults on the baseball field screaming expletives. “He dropped the ball!” a man in a Rangers shirt screams, while being held back by a woman.

According to Knox, the game between the Reds and the Rangers – with both teams consisting of children ranging from 5 to 7 in age – dissolved when an umpire called an out for the Rangers.

“The [Rangers] coach didn’t agree and was up there going back and forth with the umpire and other assistant coaches,” Knox told Storyful. “Then it led to what’s in the video.” Knox also shared that parents had jumped in to break up the fight.

The City of Stanton Police Department issued a statement on Facebook regarding the Little League game altercations, saying the incident was currently under investigation and urging anyone with information to come forward. Credit: Destani Renaye Knox via Storyful