Advertising executive in tug-of-love battle with ex-boyfriend over Lola the rottweiler

Francesca Marshall
 Ellen Van de Vusse was left injured after being assaulted by her former partner Colin Comiskey
Ellen Van de Vusse was left injured after being assaulted by her former partner Colin Comiskey

A former Saatchi and Saatchi designer has told of how she was left bleeding in the street after becoming embroiled in a tug-of-war with her ex-boyfriend over their dog Lola.

Colin Comiskey, 35, bought Lola for Ellen Van de Vusse during their three-year relationship, but after the couple split Comiskey assaulted the advertising executive during a row over the rottweiler.

Comiskey, a carpenter, has visited his former girlfriend at her London home to drop off their dog, but Hendon Magistrates' Court heard how the incident later turned violent leaving Ms Van der Vusse with a bloodied arm.

This is not the first time that the pair have become involved in a physical altercation with the Irishman being sentenced to an 18-month community order earlier this year after he attacked his former-lover at home in January.

The Court heard that during the incident which took place in April Comiskey had visited Ms Van der Vusse to drop off the dog and collect a number of his possessions.

Lola the rottweiler
Lola the rottweiler

Mo Miah, prosecuting, said: “The incident ensues as a result of an argument between the two over their dog and possession of that dog.”

Ms Van der Vusse, now a senior account director with marketing agency OK COOL, wept as she told the court: “The reason he came to the house was that he demanded to collect some of his possessions.

“As he was leaving I said can we talk a bit about the situation with Lola. At this time he had wanted to swap her back four days a week. I said 'The current situation and the constant back and forth is not working for me. Can we do a week at a time?’.”

At this point Comiskey allegedly became aggressive, shouting about money and Ms Van der Vusse’s new boyfriend.

“He grabbed a lead and then he walked back into the kitchen and then put the led on Lola,” said Ms Van der Vusse. “I said 'No you cannot take her she is meant to stay with me today’. I leant forward and I unclipped the collar. I put my arms around her and hugged her.

“He pushed me back again and grabbed me.”

Colin Comiskey arriving at court - Credit: Brais G. Rouco/Central
Colin Comiskey arriving at court Credit: Brais G. Rouco/Central

The court heard how Comiskey “pushed and pulled” Lola before taking her into the street followed by Ms Van der Vusse.

She added: “I was holding Lola...he pushed me down onto the road. He ran down the road with her [Lola].

“I was standing in the street watching it. I was going to be sick. I looked down at my arm and it was covered in blood - blood all over my hand.”

Comiskey, who was unrepresented, denied assaulting Ms Van der Vusse and said the injuries were not his fault.

He claimed that his ex got the injuries after struggling with the dog collar, adding: “There was no assault. I did not cause the injuries. It was not done by me.

“I did not storm in. At the moment I went I wanted a civil conversation.”

Magistrate Alexia Featherstone-Howe rejected his version of events and said: “We have seen photographs of injuries and we do believe these injuries are consistent of pushing and pulling.

“We believe these injuries were inflicted by you. We find you guilty of this assault.”

Comiskey, of Anselm Road, Fulham, denied but was convicted of common assault, which carries the maximum of six months jail.

He was told not to contact Ms Van der Vusse directly or indirectly ahead of sentencing later this month.