'Who is advising you, Mystic Meg?' Lord Sugar slams Piers Morgan's nonsense election tweet of Tory majority

Handbags at dawn, literally.

Sparring partners Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar have gone head to head on Twitter over the general election results.

Are you ok hun? Followers worry about Piers Morgan after he tweets the Conservative party are looking at a majority in the general election (ITV)

Theresa May’s snap election has back fired after she failed to win a majority. She’s now facing calls to resign.

The result was predicted last night after the exit poll was revealed, but Tory stalwart Piers seemed to have his sources wrong after he tweeted that the Conservatives were on course to get the majority.

No political party has won enough seats to secure a majority in the House of Commons and Lord Sugar was ready to jump on the ‘Good Morning Britain’ host’s embarrassing tweet.

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David Walliams summed up the feelings of Conservative supporters when he said:


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