Aerial Footage Captures Sea Lion 'Surfing' in Australia

A drone flying over Western Australia caught the moment a sea lion surfed wave after wave as it went looking for food, according to photographer Dylan deHaas.

The video, recorded by Perth-based photographer Dylan deHaas in April 2021, shows the sea mammal having “an awesome time” in the waves.

“I was driving down the beach when we saw something in the waves. I thought it was a dolphin as they are frequent along that stretch of coastline, so I launched the drone,” deHaas told Storyful. “To my surprise it was an Australian sea lion! He was catching wave after wave whilst moving down the beach looking for food.”

DeHaas recently shared the memory on Instagram, and said: “It was pretty incredible to see. He was using the waves to cover more ground whilst looking for food but it also looked like he was having an awesome time!”

Based in Western Australia, deHaas regularly documents local marine life for his Instagram. Credit: Dylan deHaas via Storyful

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