African politician gets arrested as officers finds 1.8 million dollars inside his suitcases

An African politician was arrested for suspected money laundering, with police finding millions of dollars worth of banknotes stuffed inside his luggage. Former Gabonese National Assembly President Guy Nzouba-Ndama, 76, was detained by officers at the border between Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville in Africa on September 17. Footage shows law enforcers opening several large suitcases on the back of the opposition member's pickup truck, finding thick wads of cash worth a reported 1.19 billion FCFA (roughly 1.8 million USD). Nzouba-Ndama was placed in police custody in Libreville, Gabon, but was put under provisional release on September 20. Local media reported that Nzouba-Ndama's camp claimed he had earned the money rightfully while serving as a politician. The cash has since been confiscated and reportedly returned to the Public Treasury.