Aggressive pit bulls attack man in shop after escaping home in Thailand

Two aggressive pit bulls escaped their home and attacked a man working in a shop in Thailand's Samut Songkhram province on October 29. CCTV footage shows the man desperately trying to defend himself from the ferocious attack and beating the two pets with his hands. The video also features images of a few boxes falling from the shop shelves as the man is mauled. The worker used a chair to escape the room and then called his mother to tell her not to get into the shop. The woman said: "I was about to enter the store when my son shouted not to go in since he had been bitten by the dogs". Town mayor Direk Nakatham said: "The dog's owner seemed to have no idea that their pets had escaped from their home". According to the mayor, the owner agreed to pay for the man's medical expenses amounting to around 40,000 THB, which is around 1,058 dollars. The victim, who has not been named, declined to press charges on the condition that the dogs were relocated from the neighbourhood. The mayor said that this was not the first pit bull attack that had happened in the area: "In May 2018, a pack of five to six pit bulls attacked monks". The pet owner, who is currently on holiday in the Maldives, said the settlement will be discussed further once they return to Thailand.