Aidan Turner on why he finds it ‘vaguely insulting’ when fans ask for a selfie

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Aidan Turner has explained why he finds it “vaguely insulting” when fans request a selfie with him.

The 39-year-old Irish actor rose to fame for leading BBC One’s 2015 drama series Poldark, which ran for five seasons.

Promoting his newest ITV series, The Suspect – which premiered earlier today (29 August) – Turner spoke to What to Watch about “bizarre” fan interactions.

“It’s usually for a selfie but what I find funny is they’ll often say, ‘It’s not for me. It’s for my mum who is a big fan’, or ‘My little brother loves that thing you were in,’” he explained.

“Which is cool, but it’s just bizarre. I know it happens to a lot of other actors too. It’s vaguely insulting!” Turner said.

“It’s like going, ‘I haven’t seen anything you’re in, or I’m not into what you do but can I have a selfie?’”

He added: “But people are always lovely and I’ve never had a bad experience.”

Aidan Turner in ‘The Suspect' (ITV)
Aidan Turner in ‘The Suspect' (ITV)

In the five-part mystery drama, Turner stars as a clinical psychologist who becomes a potential suspect in the murder of a young woman.

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The Suspect debuted its first episode on ITV and is available to stream on ITV Hub in the UK.