Aiden Zhane takes a step back from drag ahead of rumored 'All Stars 10' casting

Aiden Zhane takes a step back from drag ahead of rumored 'All Stars 10' casting
Aiden Zhane takes a step back from drag ahead of rumored 'All Stars 10' casting

It’s been an emotional ride recently for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 star Aiden Zhane, who recently took to Instagram and subsequently X to share about some of the struggles in a vulnerable and honest message to her fans.

In the post, Zhane shared some photos that had been “sitting in my camera roll for quite some time” that she now felt “generous enough to share” as we move into Cancer season.

Zhane addressed her recent absence on social media platforms, noting that she’s taken “a big step back from drag” this year because “it has not brought me much in the way of success for quite some time (mentally, spiritually, or financially)."

She said that although she loves drag and is grateful for her time on Drag Race, she just hasn’t been able to tap into her inner creativity “or really myself” at all.

“I’ve been trying to soul search & really make sure Devin has what Devin needs,” she wrote. “Stability. I’ve struggled hard with that because of my stubbornness & desire to pursue wat I love and ultimately I found myself back at the starting line struggling to make ends meet and so with that I’m focusing on myself for a bit.”

As to where that leaves the drag persona of Aiden Zhane, she said it’s “hanging in the balance I suppose.”

That said, she also reiterated that this is not a “quitting drag” post but rather a life update since she tends to stay guarded. She said we’d see Aiden resurface here and there, but that she wouldn’t come back into the light until she was fully ready.

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“It’s been a hard journey for me figuring all of this out but hopefully I can get myself in a space where I feel happy/stable, and then… give Aiden the love and attention to detail that she really deserves,” she wrote. “Who knows… maybe even return to your television screens [shrug emoji].”

That last leaflet could be vital, as Zhane is among the queens rumored to be part of the cast for the upcoming All Stars 10 season. If that’s true, that means she’s either just finished filming (which could be another reason we haven’t seen much from her recently) or gearing up to head out to film, which could be a reason she goes back to being silent after this.

The self-reflection could also be the result of something that happened on the show, as viewers may remember her being bullied and having to stick up for herself all the time. Perhaps a second round on Drag Race tore her down, as it has so many before, but all of that is speculation.

All we know for sure is we love Aiden Zhane, and we’re totally here for the future updates — with our fingers crossed that she will, in fact, be back for All Stars 10.