I Ain’t Worried hitmaker Ryan Tedder says stress over climate crisis ‘costs me sleep’

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One Republic star Ryan Tedder has said the climate crisis is one of the things that keeps him up at night.

In a recent interview on Australian podcast Smallzy’s Surgery, the prolific songwriter and producer discussed “I Ain’t Worried”, the hit single he wrote for Top Gun: Maverick.

After discussing topics including the indie sensibilities of contemporary chart music, along with how he came to write “I Ain’t Worried”, Tedder was asked by host Smallzy what he was worried about.

He said he wasn’t worried about issues such as getting older (”was worried, not worried anymore”), or having a clean house when guests were coming over (”not worried – my wife, very worried”).

Smallzy then asked if he was worried about climate change: “The planet’s getting warmer, it’s crazy.”

“Very worried,” Tedder responded. “That literally causes me stress that then costs me sleep. I’m genuinely worried about our climate and our planet.”

Celebrities have come under scrutiny in recent months – as countries around the world experience record-breaking tempteratures, drought, and wildfires – over their private jet useage.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that members of the Kardashian family and Drake are reportedly among the top offenders when it comes to taking disproportionately-polluting short flights on private jets, according to new analysis.

Kim Kardashian’s private plane made four flights of under 20 minutes in the past two months, according to data from celebrity flight-tracker @CelebJets. The private plane belonging to her half-sister, Kylie Jenner, did twice as many, the tracker found.

One flight, on 24 July, saw Kardashian’s plane make a 40-mile, 10-minute journey between Van Nuys and Camarillo, California. The trip required 81 gallons of fuel and emitted 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) – about the same as a gas-powered car emits being driven for six months.

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