Air mail: Watch 'unprofessional' DHL driver throw £110 package over garden fence

This is the shocking moment a dozy DHL driver makes a not very special delivery, casually hurling a customer’s £110 parcel across a back garden.

CCTV footage captures the man peering over a 6ft gate before chucking the package – containing a £110 ASOS jumper – towards the property.

The driver had a good look over the 6ft fence before taking aim (SWNS)

Recipient Louise Cunningham, 35, had asked for the parcel to be left in her designated ‘safe space’ or at a nearby shop if nobody was home.

But instead the man opted to launch it over the gate, looking on as it bounced along the drive.

Not happy: Louise Cunningham and boyfriend Jack White (SWNS)

Louise, a senior executive assistant from Borehamwood, Herts, said: “He threw it a really long way into the garden. My first thought was ‘oh my god, is it damaged?’

“It could have been torn to shreds. I don’t understand why he did that. He wasn’t doing his job properly at all.”

He then hurled the parcel into the back garden (SWNS)
The £110 package bounced down the drive (SWNS)

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Louise added: “He has shown no duty of care with my package. He has a job to do and this is very unprofessional.

“It’s such a huge company and you expect better service. I don’t feel like I can trust them anymore.

“I am very disappointed. If it was something that could have been broken I’d have been furious.”

The package contained a £110 jumper which Louise has since returned “out of principle” (SWNS)

Louise ordered the parcel from ASOS to be delivered to her boyfriend Jack White’s house, and it arrived last Friday (March 22).

Jack sent her the CCTV footage after arriving home from work and finding the parcel in the garden.
Louise has since returned the package “out of principle”, and complained to DHL.

She says it has put her off ordering parcels to a home address when she knows no one will be there to receive them.

Louise said: “I’m really disappointed in them. He had no idea what was over the fence. In future I’ll get things delivered to a collection point if I’m not at home. It’s just not good enough.”

DHL has been contacted for a statement.

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